This morning I had a Post Graduate by Research Orientation to go to.  It was at “New College” which I had a hazy idea was somewhere behind my building.  The fact that it was called New College led me to expect something modernish and boring.

Was I ever wrong!

This gem is just off of the Royal Mile, out of sight unless you pass behind the buildings to the right on the way to the castle.  Actually, if you cut through the courtyard of my building Milne’s Court, you will pop out right next to it!  And this is what it looks like:

 I think it was when I went through the archway that I knew it was not going to be your average classroom building.

The name New College just doesn’t really fit in my mind.

I didn’t actually have my camera with me when I went to the orientation so I ended up running back up to grab it afterwards and coming back.  Isn’t it lucky that this is right behind where I live?

Come on, you’re supposed to be glad for me…

Inside the courtyard were all of these lofty towers, some of which are actually parts of my building up along the Royal Mile.  I really didn’t want to go inside after seeing this.  What I wanted was to figure out how to get into that tower!  Hmm… I wonder if that  door at the base is locked…

 Oh, and if you back up a bit into the archway, you’ll notice a statue of a man who you might find familiar… especially if you are of a Presbyterian bent!

He looks very impressive and important here, doesn’t he?

I wish I’d gotten a closer picture of the words on the base, but they were basically honoring John Knox’s contributions to Scotland.

 I think he’s surveying his very excellent domain. 

Another view of some awesomely awesome towers toward the entrance of New College.  This is also the College of Divinity, which is why John Knox looks so comfy here.

What a grand place… what a great way to start my day…

I went to class in a castle!!!!

Walking out of New College and up and around a steep, curving path will get you this view.  Pretty nice.  The wind made it feel like you might be carried off over city.

Seriously, when I was walking through the city with bags of groceries later, I was sometimes stopped dead in my tracks because of a blast of wind.  I just stood, waited, and then proceeded once it died down to a manageable level.

And let’s not even talk about my hair today…

Oh, as for the kindred spirits, I went to a meet and greet held by the Christian Union.  It was very comforting and enjoyable to be surrounded by a bunch of people who could talk about picking churches and joining Bible studies and prayer.  And there were even Presbyterians there!  From Ireland… I am confused…

My walk back was like walking into a wall of wind, but I survived and now I have an hour to rest before the hall event.  Good day.  Good pictures.