I went to the societies fair today and ended up finding more than I expected as far as societies go.  Now I have to choose which ones I can actually commit to!  So, I will ask for advice (which I may possibly ignore, but I will look at it anyway…)

Here are the societies that I have discovered that sound interesting:

  • Christian Union (pretty much a sure thing with lots of great people I’ve already met)
  • Hillwalking Club – for this one, I would get to take trips on weekends all over the Highlands and do a bit of hiking.  Good exercise, would be lots of fun for me and my camera, and I would get to see a lot more of Scotland!  It costs 25 pounds for a year long membership and that takes care of a lot of expenses.  I really like the idea of this one.  It would also mean I’d automatically have a group who knew where they were going and I would be less likely to get lost along the way.  Downside, big groups of people tramping about tend to send dragons into hiding…
  • A martial arts group (to be determined) – it would be fun to join a martial arts club here and get some good workouts and learn some new things.  There’s a demo on Saturday where all the groups show up and let you try out their stuff.  I like the idea, but it’s a little more expensive.  However, I would probably do this instead of a gym membership and in that case it would be a little cheaper.
  • French Society – speak French with French people!  I would love to brush up on my French with some conversational practice.  The downside here is that the events don’t really look like my kind of things (wine tastings, evening hangouts, French film nights).  I don’t really know if I’d like it all that much.  This is the one I’m most inclined to can.
  • Exmoor Pony Trekking Society!  – Come on, it’s PONIES!  Super awesome pony treks outside of the city.  I could pay per trek, and that way not really have to commit to much.  Or, if I am considered worthy, I might be allowed to do the more hardcore (and, of course, pricey) program that allows me to learn how to care for the ponies and eventually even lead treks.  It would be a much bigger commitment, though, and I may not have enough experience to begin with.  This one might be good as a “once in a while” kind of thing.  On the other hand, a year of riding ponies on the Scottish hills is just fabulous to imagine, so between this and doing martial arts, I admit this sounds cooler.

So, what do I do?  A lot of these groups have almost weekly meetings and obviously I can’t do them all.

Here’s a taste of the societies that I said no to:

  • The Harry Potter Society (really?  Yes, I know many of you are thinking about how awesome such a society in Scotland would be.  But, seriously?)
  • Skydiving Society (I kind of wanted to, but way too much money and it’s something I could do in the US with much the same results)
  • Chocolate Society (*sigh*…. but wandering out eating weird chocolate is not how I want to spend my time, honestly)
  • Kendo Club (Yes, they have one in Edinburgh!  I thought of my Kendo friends…)
  • Juggling Society (imagine me trying and commence laughter)
  • Beer Society (you need a society for that here?  It seems like everyone does it just fine without joining a group.  *sad shake of head*)

There are over 260 societies total at Edinburgh.  It was mad at the gym where I went to look at them.  I’m just thankful to have returned alive…

But what should I do?