Today’s orientation events were not, alas, in old, magnificent buildings with arches and towers.  The first was in a disgustingly modern looking thing that could have been built yesterday. Bah!  I trudged into the room with about two hundred or so other postgrad students in the school of Language and Literature.  Friends!   Naturally, none of the ones I spoke with were in the Celtic Studies program.  I was beginning to wonder if I was the only one.

It wasn’t until the second orientation where we divided and went to our specific school that I discovered that I am not, in fact, the only one doing an MSc by Research in Celtic Languages and Literature.  There’s one other person! Yay!  We went up to a small room in a little stone townhouse where the Celtic and Scottish Studies department has their offices and wee libraries.  Inside the room were six other people.  One was the professor and director of the programs.  The other five were in postgrads in the same department, but doing different degrees, such as PhDs or MSc’s in Scottish Studies.

Yep, there is only one other person in my particular degree. No wonder I couldn’t find anyone else!

But now I have a general, vague, not conclusive, but coming along sort of, kind of schedule!  Apparently, they don’t really put anything together until the last minute so that they can figure out what everyone is able to do at the same time.  It sounds great and I guess it works since there’s only seven of us, but it’s a bit stressful.

I do like the supervisor I met today (I have one other I’ll meet Monday).  She recommended that I audit a class on Celtic literature, a class on Middle Welsh (eeee!), and possibly, if I can, a class on Modern Irish.  I carefully held back the drool and happy dance.  I get to do all that and research a paper on Irish and Welsh mythology?

Needless to say, I am quite happy.  Classes start on Monday!

Oh, and also, there is a Celtic library! Yep, a little library of old texts that are exclusively for Celtic studies.  My very own library…. dreams do come true!

In celebration of schedules, libraries, and another (possibly final) day of gorgeous blue-sky weather, I went for a quick photo shoot before the sun went down. So here are just a few:

This is the view from the courtyard when I walk out my front door.  I realized that I haven’t taken any pictures of the outside of my building, but yep, there it is!

The tall block in front of me to the left is one of the other halls in Mylne’s Court.  My hall is on the opposite side behind me.

When I walk from the Royal Mile through the archway into the courtyard, I face the entrance to my hall, pictured below.

This is down in what is probably one of my favorite spots: outside of New College behind my building.  Great view, less crowded, but still a part of the city.

As I continue up the hill and around toward the castle side of the Royal Mile, I pass by this unassuming little gateway.  Potential Narnia portal, one is compelled to ask?  I couldn’t open it to find out.  Silly locks.  Don’t they trust us anymore in Narnia?

I love little nooks like this, though.  There’s so much character and variety.  Few things around here are at all identical to something else.

Just a little further up is another locked gate for those “privileged” few who live across from this little garden.  I would sit in here for hours if I had access to it…

So anyway, that was the end of the day. It’s dark outside now (and it’s not even eight o’clock!  Aagh!) and I should probably eat food to replenish myself from all of the walking.

But today was a good day because I met the other elusive Celtic Studies postgrad student, I learned about the awesome classes I am going to take, and I have a place and people that belong to me!

And there were more pictures!

Tomorrow is a leisurely day, so I should have time for more picture taking adventures.  After this week, I will be pretty busy and the picture taking jaunts will probably be reserved for weekends and the odd afternoon.  I can’t say I’m sorry, though.  I have classes again!!!