So I have been living in Milne’s Court for a grand total of nearly four days, which makes me an expert on living here, of course.

I have already come to realize both the incredible benefits and the comparatively minor downsides of my chosen dorm.


  • Location, location, location!  It’s right on the Royal Mile!  My walk to campus is about ten minutes and I feel central to everything.
  • And it’s so historical!  The building itself was constructed in the 1690’s and then renovated later on, obviously.  It’s older than my country!
  • Everyone who works here is ridiculously nice and helpful.  Upon arrival, they took my 100lb of luggage upstairs for me.  There was a piece of welcome chocolate on my desk.  And today when my parcel that I mailed to myself last week arrived, at least three people during the course of my struggle to get the box from floor 3 to floor six helped me make the trek and get it through the door.
  • Out bathrooms and kitchen/living room are cleaned twice a week by a sweet Chinese lady.  We are responsible for things like dishes, trash, and bedroom cleanliness, but I don’t ever have to clean my bathroom!  I call that a win.
  • I have a wardrobe!  It’s very plain, but it is a wardrobe, nonetheless.  It gives me cause to hope!
  • Feels very safe.  There are three locked doors between my bedroom and the outside world, one of which is locked exclusively by my key.  There is security on call at all hours.  The two outer doors lock automatically so they cannot be accidentally left open.  I can sleep at night!


  • It’s not as home-like as a private flat would be.  The rooms are definitely dorm rooms and the kitchen is extremely utilitarian.  I don’t think I’ll ever use the “living area” at all.
  • My bedroom faces a courtyard that is apparently used for tours about three times a day and tour guides yell.
  • People like to use jackhammers and toss trash cans around at 7:30 in the AM!  Not appreciative.  I am going to have to get used to noises throughout the day, starting fairly early and ending fairly late if I’m going to sleep at all.
  • Tiniest shower ever.  It would make a midget claustrophobic.

So that is my assessment of my dorm so far. I think I made the right choice in coming here.  A private flat might have been nicer in a lot of ways, but it would have required lots of bus trips, a lot of wild cards (landlord, roommates, location, cost), and a general inability to gauge what it would be like at all until I arrived.  Being in a dorm means that I have the assurance of the university of certain standards of living and I knew exactly what the cost would be. 

All in all, I’m feeling very fond of my new home!