In my box of things that came the other day, I certain little pocket dragon figurine came along as well.  His name is Napoleon Bonapocket and he is going to be a photography theme for some of my picture taking adventures.

My goal is to find fun, interesting places to tuck Napoleon into for photos.  Sometimes, he will be hard to spot, and other times, he will be the star of the photo.  It’s just a little game for me to play as I tour and take pictures and you are the victims of my weird, creative bent.  Enjoy!

 Meet Napoleon (Nap, for short).  He is very patriotic, although he isn’t quite sure what he is being patriotic toward (a supposedly French dragon with American sympathies to his owner in the UK is bound to be a bit confused!).  He fits in the palm of your hand, but he likes to appear officious on all occasions, no matter where he ends up.

Here he is featured on the ledge of my window.  He is resolutely not looking at the distance to the ground behind him. 

 Nap stands at attention behind Mylne’s Court by New College.   The sun is in his eyes, but a soldier never flinches. 

Nap does not have time for pretty views, even though there is one behind him.  He does like the iron fencing, though.  It makes him think of conquering nations, somehow.  Once he conquers a nation, then he might allow himself a moment to admire the view.

Down below, Nap is just a blur as he stands in front of New College, but he is still intimidating.  (And cute, but don’t tell him that).

 Nap wonders why more people are not alarmed at his presence on the Royal Mile.  They should be much more afraid.  Also, he would like to possess that tall building with the pointy tip for his headquarters.  It looks impressive.

And here is Nap in front of the building with the pointy tip.  He still likes it very much. 

 Nap does not like pictures like this.  He prefers pictures in which he is larger than everything around him.  This picture makes him feel very small.

On the other hand, if people think he is not a threat because of his size, it will be that much easier to conquer them when the time comes.  Nap has a strange sensation that someone else with his name also was bitter about being short…

This picture is closer, but not close enough.  Nap still appears small.  Unsatisfactory.  I should be worried about being fired as his photographer and publicist.

Nap does not like this quote.  He feels that it is his job to instill “dreid” into the hearts of everyone he meets.  Perhaps if he could just be in a picture that was a bit more intimidating.

And now you have met Napoleon.  He will be featured occasionally on my photo sprees, so be warned.  There is at least one dragon in Edinburgh, and he wishes to be taken seriously.