After attending church on Sunday, I ended up getting just a little bit turned around.  I missed the street I was supposed to turn on and instead of retracing my steps and figuring out how to get back where I was supposed to be, I decided that the best course of action was to trudge merrily along until something familiar showed up, which of course, would most certainly happen.

I am sometimes a very optimistic lost person.  It does help when the surroundings are busy, cheerful, and generally pleasant.  The weather was nice and I kept catching sight of the cliffs of Arthur’s Seat or a random beautiful church spire that made me feel at peace.  It was Sunday, after all.  A good day for a walk… even if it was about three times as long as I expected.

I eventually happened upon an immense park, which I deduced with my incredible brilliance to be The Meadows that I had heard mentioned before.  If I was right, it should be located right behind campus.  They were pretty anyway, so I chose a path and headed in.

This is what it looked like:

It was very idyllic, despite the whole not really knowing where I was for sure thing.  Lots of kids and older students playing soccer (football). 

I tried to keep the church spire of the church I went to in sight, but there were so many similar tall spires, such as the one in this picture, that I lost track of which one was my spire.  I eventually just gave up and enjoyed the view.

The Meadow is filled with really long straight paths that stretch all the way across and they are pretty much all lined with these overarching trees.  This is the one that I randomly chose to take.  It turned out to be a good one, though basically any one I’d picked would eventually have gotten me where I needed to be, or close to it.

Closer to campus at the entrance of the park, there was this great Celtic circle/star painting on the pavement.  I was even happier about the whole lost thing.

I found the tree on the right hand side of the path to be truly awesome.  

And see the cliffs down below?  That’s what I kept spotting.  I think they are responsible for me getting lost.  They distracted me.

So now that I look at them, I realize that a lot of these pictures are really just different shots of the same things… but it was just such a nice day (yes, there were clouds, but only a very little bit of rain and sometimes, I even saw blue!) and I was happily snapping away as I figured out how to get back to familiar territory.

And really, it’s so much better to take too many pictures than too few.  So there.  I have justified getting lost, going overboard with my camera, and spending my Sunday afternoon wandering aimlessly around in a park.