I am finally recovering from my first attack by foreign germs and am about to sally forth with my camera in honor of my recovery.  Before I leave, though, I thought I’d post something that’s been on my mind for almost my entire two weeks here…

The weather is too good!  Yes, it rains every so often and yes, there are clouds here and there, but the sun comes out all the time!  It is sunny in Scotland! I don’t understand… I was led to believe it would be gray, misty, and dark every day with only a ray of sunlight on the rarest of occasions.  That is what I braced myself for. 

I almost feel cheated.  Almost.

This is what it looks like on most days…

Granted, it does get cloudy and then rain on the same day as it is sunny like this (the weather changes so many times you have to dress for pretty much everything if you are going to be out for a while), but the fact is, that you can almost always expect to be some sunshine at some point and some days are clear for more than they are cloudy. 

So I don’t even know what to make of this.  Maybe it just gets rainy when you’re a tourist and magically if you live here it’s not all that rainy.  Or maybe it’s just been a good couple of weeks.  That remains to be seen.

But let’s see if this sunshine holds up for my trek up Arthur’s Seat!