Yet another bafflingly gorgeous day has hit Edinburgh and locals might go insane.  I am fast becoming spoiled myself.  The weather is even nicer than it was back in Virginia where humidity often made even the sunnier and warmer days feel somewhat stifling.  The fresh, chill breeze makes the sunshine feel just right.  I could deal with this longterm… but it seems to be drawing to a close if the forecast for next week is any indication.

Everyone is making the most of the weather for the week, though.  I decided that if I had to do homework, that it ought to be done outside.  So, I packed my camera, Nap, and The Mabinogion and headed down to the park.  About a million other people had the same idea, but it’s a big park, so there were plenty of trees to choose from for my homework spot.  Before I found a place, though, I went to a cafe wherein they sell Scandinavian baked goods, coffee, tea, and (to my joy) really, really good hot chocolate.  I splurged (it was that kind of day) and bought a raspberry vanilla danish.

I had reservations about the danish.  It didn’t look like much.  But after the first few bites, I realized that I had found a snack that would tempt me every time I passed by the cafe.  And then it hit me: Scandinavian theme… of course they would know how to make a really amazing danish.  It had  a thick vanilla cream filling with whole raspberries in the center.  Delicious!

And the hot chocolate was amazing, which is what I judge a cafe by overall.  Too many cafes focus on their coffee to the detriment of a quality cup of hot chocolate.  It is tragic.

I’ve read The Mabinogion before, but my translation by Sioned Davies proved to have a fascinating introduction and I was happily occupied with my reading for the next couple of hours.

I found a pretty awesome tree too.

It finally got a little too chilly to stay outside and my snack and hot chocolate were gone, so I packed up.  I am definitely going to miss days like this during the winter.

But the cafe will continue to supply me with their raspberry vanilla buns and fabulous hot chocolates on occasion, so I can’t say I am completely devastated.