I only went in to get butter… but then I saw this…

And really, was there any choice?  Could I even say no if I wanted to?

Did the cute miniature strawberry knitted cap control my mind? (Its claim of innocence is highly suspicious, don’t you think?)



We might never know, but I did buy it… This is worrisome… Should I drink it?

I had a very specific use in mind for it, you see.

My model, however, does not approve at all.  He likes his other hat.  It is much more commanding.

He was suggesting very dire punishments if I did not remove the fruity cuteness from his head and place it back on my inferior beverage immediately.

However, we did discover that the hat had some potential for stealth.  Nap is currently rethinking his previous conclusions of the value of the fruity hat.

Nap still does not understand why the questionable beverage choice feels the need to explain dinosaur riding tactics on the bottle.

And who would want to ride a dinosaur anyway?

They are the cousins that dragons do not care to talk about at the family dinners, after all.