Finally, I am posting the last of the house party photos.  I feel that I have the worthy excuse of being incredibly busy writing a paper (It’s due in three weeks and  I don’t care what some of you say – I’m not starting too soon).  There was also the concert that I went to as my last post testified to.  That was my indulgence of fun for the week.  Other than that, it has been lots of work.  I was busy!  Truly!

 Enough with the excuses, here are the pictures.  Our final day at the house party, I wisely remembered to bring my camera with me to breakfast so that I could sneak some pictures between breakfast and meeting.  The inside of the main house (which we saw very little of, being the underprivileged uni students that we were), was quite beautiful.  I should have come in here to do my reading.

There was a mysterious tower that seemed to have no access from the inside.  That continues to haunt me…

 The main reason I wanted my camera that morning though was because of the mist.  The sky had been perfectly clear the entire weekend, but that was probably because the clouds decided to come a little lower and settle themselves directly on top of us.


 It was incredibly thick and delightfully mysterious.  The sun barely made it through.

This is exactly the sort of morning that something magical ought to happen.

I think I like taking walks in the mist because you feel so lost and isolated without actually being lost.  It’s good for the imagination.

 What’s more mysterious and beautiful than a picture of the sun in a misty forest?

A picture of the sun in a misty forest from an archway!

It was a very, very chilly morning too, which meant everything glittered with frost.

 Mist makes people look mysterious.  Here is the mysterious version of Karen.

 I have a bit of an obsession with taking pictures of paths.  I think that eventually I shall do a post of all my best path pictures.  I love pictures of paths disappearing into the woods, and here it’s even better, because the path disappears into mist.

Are you getting the idea that I love mist?

 Robin!  He looked very bright in the grey landscape.

 We were not that far from the house, but you could barely see it at all from this distance.  The sheep were not there at all.  Or, you know, they were cunningly using the mist for concealment purposes so that they would not be chased by Karen or Joelle again.

But somehow I hesitate to ascribe such cunning to sheep…

I have a couple more pictures and some more scholarly words of knowledge to impart on the element of mist, so if you’re interested, you can take a peek at my post for today on the Lantern Hollow Press blog: While We’re Paused. I consider this proof that I do, in fact, study here sometimes.

 Abrupt shift in scene – This was our final meal at the house party.  Actually, this was just the dessert, but really, what else is worth recording?  We had an apple crumble (made by a totally authentic French chef, mind you) covered in warm custard.

The custard was like liquid pudding, delicious and vanilla-y.

However, some people were not as keen on it as others…

We took our last photos together as house party roommates.  It was like leaving camp back in yonder years, but better.  Far fewer bugs and much more fun.

Was it a good house party?  Ask Gwen.  Actually, you don’t really need to ask her.  The picture says it all…