Last week was a rough week for me, mostly due to a series of migraines that decided to take up semi-permanent residence and were very resistant to my attempts to kick them out.  It took a long weekend of determined bedrest (I may possibly have been doing homework, but it was homework while resting, so it counts) to get rid of them – though not entirely.  Migraines are persistent little imps.

As I was walking back from classes today, my head beginning to pulse warningly, I couldn’t help but notice that it was a gorgeous evening.  Actually, it was only 3 o’clock, but in this crazy country, that is apparently evening.

I determined that headache or no headache, a photo expedition was long overdue.

 From the walkway overlooking Grassmarket, the sky was absolutely stunning.  It took about ten tries to get some of the color to actually show up.  But I like messing with my camera, so I just kept trying until it worked.

There’s a Christmas shop!  I didn’t go in because I had a sunset to hunt, but it was a sparkly and pretty and filled with joy and cheer.  How could this not make you feel better?

 For those of you familiar with Lynchburg, this will make you smile.  It’s a White Hart Inn!  This one was originally established in 1516, according to the sign.  I always wonder about those dates and exactly what they are basing it on.  Was it a place called The White Hart, or are they just using the date of the building’s construction?  At any rate, I think it’s safe to assume this one’s a mite older than the one in downtown Lynchburg.

From Grassmarket, the castle looks especially imposing and tall.  I will have to claim it one of these days…

 I climbed up some back stairs towards the castle and had some very pretty views of the city.

 Impressive wall is impressive.  If you can’t quite make out the words, it says: “Erected on a site near the extremity of the ancient town wall built in the reign of James II King of Scots AD 1450 for the protection of Edinburgh against invasion.”

I have such a marvelous time picturing men up on the battlements laughing at would-be invaders.

“Your mother was a sheep!”  Because, you know, Scotland.

 Me once again failing to capture epic sky…

 Is it supposed to be ironic?  Is it representative of some state of mind of an individual or someone attempting to recreate the collective consciousness of the Scots of old?  I just found it funny.

 Up at the castle are several monuments with amazing crosses on top.  I do love Celtic crosses.

 Artsy angle shot.  In case you couldn’t figure that out.  Because, you know, it was just too artsy.

 It was getting “late” so the castle was emptying out and no one was around in the parking lot.  I was able to get some pictures without crowds of other photographers and tourists getting in my way.  How dare they, right?

Goodbye, castle!  Hello,  ferris wheel!  I spent the day playing with camera settings, particularly the exposure setting.  Here are three pictures with the exposure setting turned further and further down.  It allowed me to make it look more like what I was seeing instead of being unnaturally bright.

 A rather jarring contrast of old, Gothic monument with shiny, modern carnival ride.  But somehow, it works.

 The Edinburgh skyline.  Again with the exposure compensation.  This image is a little darker than it actually looked, but I wanted some pretty twinkly lights and silhouettes.  My camera is learning to do my bidding.

I don’t know why I took this shot, but it just looked golden and lovely and I like it.

And now for more experimental photography!  The one on the left is slightly darkened and the one on the right is very unnaturally darkened.  Which one looks better?