I know that I’m supposed to be posting pictures of me and the boy and all, but I still have some Ireland pictures from my epic trip, so you will just have to wait.

These pictures are from a very exciting, emotional day in which I visited a very special place, but also suffered a terrible blow.  Here goes the tale:

Okay, so first we took the dogs for a romp as we walked the paths along the Lagan River.  It might be a little sparse this time of year, but still pretty.

 Artistic reflection is so artistic.

 A distant spire…

 The dogs didn’t understand how we could possibly be so slow.

 I wanted to go climb those hills, but possibly that was a bit overzealous.

 Speedy dog lopes gracefully across the field, instilling terror in the hearts of birds everywhere.

 Eventually, we hopped in the car to make our trip up to the north coast where we would enjoy the beautiful Giant’s Causeway coastline and Dunluce Castle, the castle that inspired Lewis when he created Cair Paraval.  Therefore, I call it Cair Paraval.  Because that’s just so much better as a name.


 I have way too much fun taking pictures out of the car window.  It’s probably not normal.

So as I was happily snapping shots, I little anticipated the horror that would soon fill my heart and soul…

 On such a perfect day, what could go wrong?

 We passed under an arch of massive trees.

Karen informed me that you are supposed to hold your breath while passing under those trees.

How silly…

Yeah, I totally did it.

 Not breathing…

 Still not breathing…


 I kept taking pictures….  Until….

…. until this photo.  After this picture, my beautiful, wonderful, trusty camera ceased to take pictures.  Well, it would take pictures, but the pictures all turned out pitch black.  I frantically attempted to make it work, but had no luck whatsoever.

And that’s when we reached the Giant’s Causeway.

 I sat in stunned silence as the beautiful sea passed by, the jagged cliffs lit with the light of a beautiful setting sun… and no camera to take pictures.

 ‘But, Melissa,’ you say, quite logically, ‘there are more pictures in your blog!’

We stopped in town and found a shop that sold cheap digital cameras and purchased one.  Because there was no way this side of Narnia that I was going to visit Cair Paraval and not take pictures.  So that is why there are pictures, albeit fuzzier, not as good ones.  But I did my best.

 And here is Cair Paraval (called Dunluce by the locals)

 It’s right on the cliffs by the sea, which is what Lewis loved so much about it.

 Yep, I claimed Cair Paraval.  If Aslan disagrees, he can come tell me himself.

Please, would you, Aslan?  I would very much like that.  Actually, if you want to invite me to Narnia to discuss it, that would be okay too.

  Silly new camera has this panorama feature.  I don’t like it.  I get the point, but the picture size is awkward and it just seems odd to me.  I miss my camera!

 More cliffs!

 From the grassy area inside the castle grounds, but not really inside the castle itself.  I wonder what this area was used for?

  No, seriously, my castle!

 Under the bridge.

 Camera woes made me sad, but how can you be truly sad when you are looking out on the sea from a castle on the cliffs?

Plus, I think the Pevensies had to put up with a lot more before they earned access to Cair Paraval, so my suffering is put into perspective.

We stopped at a marvelous fish and chips place before heading back and I can honestly say that despite the camera fail, it was a wonderful day.

One more post of Ireland delights to come soon!