Two weeks might seem like a long time, but it starts to pick up speed halfway through.

We reached our last couple of days before we realized where the time had gone.

I was still under the weather, so we took it easy, but I was determined to get Erik out and about and seeing things on his last days in Scotland.

So one of those days, we did a tour of Places Melissa Goes Frequently.

Starting from Mylne’s Court, where I live, we proceeded down toward campus.

 Obligatory shot next to a bagpiper…

 By the way, Erik has been staying at a hostel above this shop.

 Apparently, people get hungry sometimes and need food before proceeding on adventures.  So we stopped in our chosen favorite food place, World’s End, for some lunch.

 Someone likes coffee…

We heartily enjoyed the tavern rules.

 Erik’s making sure we don’t break any of the rules… or at least get caught.

 The view from our window out onto the Royal Mile.  So much touristyness!


 Starting to get annoyed with me photographing him all the time…

 So, I needed entertainment while waiting for my food.  Guess what each packet contains!

 Atmospheric old place.

 Artsy shot by me above…

Erik’s attempt at artsy shot on the left.

 Seriously.  Food.  Now.

 Enough with the pictures!

 Erik retreats until food appears…


Classic win fish and chips for Erik.

Lamb with veggies for me!

 Okay, so there might be something to this whole food thing.  Nom nom nom!

 Onward to campus.  Here are the impressive oldish looking buildings that make it look like we all have classes in castles.

They are lies.

 Teviot looks like something out of a fantasy film, but it’s just full of bars.

We passed by all the ugly newer buildings, including this travesty: the library.  Who builds a university library and makes it ugly like this when they are surrounded by beautiful old architecture?

My mind cannot fathom it.

 My townhouse where the School of Scottish Studies has all of its offices and classrooms.  It is properly old.

 Along the same row of townhomes is one formerly belonging to Sir Walter Scott…

 … and another where Sir Arthur Conan Doyle lived.

 On Monday, I was still feeling kind of bad, but well enough that (once medicated) I was prepared to go on a six mile adventure to Craigmillar Castle and back.  We needed to add one more castle to Erik’s list before he left.

 Into the mysterious foliage tunnel.

 Will he ever return?

 Apparently, he wants to live there.

 Why are there flowers duct taped to the tree?  Whyyyy?

Erik was too cheap to pay for a ticket into the castle…

 Actually, we’d already paid for his ticket.  He just wanted to scale the wall.

 The wall was too hard, so he settled for a gate.  Look at him climb that gate! 

 Clearly, the stone circle at the top of the wall was a posing platform.


 Surveying my domain.

 This fireplace is not quite tall enough.

 I swear, I can’t take him anywhere…

 Into the latrine with you!

 Looking down.  This castle seems to be missing ceilings here and there.

 The flash did odd things to these pictures.

 I don’t know why he likes the fireplaces so much.  Really.  It makes no sense.


 Hanging again.

 People were either much shorter back in the day, or they just didn’t measure everything properly.

 It was even too short for me!


 And now he’s taken to levitating in fireplaces…

 A hobbit sized door.

 Peeking through a narrow window.

 The unclimbable tree.  Someday, I will climb it.

 The crows were being all properly creepy in the trees around the castle ruins.

 There’s just something about this field that demands goofy poses. 

 P in the pool!

 Pretty sunset!  This is the second time I’ve been at this castle, and both times, the sunset was amazing.

 The city turned on as the sun disappeared.


 This candy shop is just a delight to stand in and absorb the sugary atmosphere.

Erik: ‘Hmmm…. hearts above my head… I must be In Love!’

Darn right, you are.

 Our final morning required indulging in tasty treats, so we went to Peter’s Yard (delightful cafe with Scandinavian inspired desserts, such as our danishes).

It was a win with this one.

 My hot chocolate was almost too pretty to drink!


Later on, we walked down to dinner at World’s End one last time.  The moon was all ghostly and beautiful behind St Giles.

 One of my favorite shots – it looks like the moon is rising.

 We like this place very much.  We ended up going three times total.  Erik got the fish and chips every single time.  They are that good here.

 See?  Biggest and Best.  It says so right on the sign!

 Magical door!  I love those!

We stayed up until 4AM when Erik had to be packed away onto a bus heading for the airport. 

I hate goodbyes in general, but this one was a tough one.  We had so much fun together for two weeks and it will be some time before I see him in person again.

 This was not my favorite moment ever.

But he is awfully cute in the bus window.

Goodbye for now!