After a long morning of hard work on an essay that has just begun to suggest cooperation, the gloriously sunny weather’s constant beckoning through the library window finally became too much of a temptation.

So, out we went and into the streets of Edinburgh.

We had vague plans of accomplishing random errands and walking about.

 But those plans were suddenly changed when Hannah received the momentous text from her friend: Did you know James McAvoy is filming in town?  Let’s go find him!

We looked at each other, shrugged, and thought, Yeah, why not?

Oh what a life this is.

So we ran all the way back to the flat so I could grab my camera for stalking purposes and ran all the way back down to await our companions to go a-hunting.

 While waiting, we made sure the camera was working properly.  It was.

 It was warm!  I mean, okay, about 50 degrees Fahrenheit, but that is officially warm since it’s been genuinely freezing off and on all year (although no snow, which is just insult added to injury).

Finally, we were off to hunt for the famous actor who played Mr Tumnus in the first Narnia movie.

 To my intense surprise, we actually found him!

Okay, it wasn’t really that difficult.  We walked down Grassmarket and noticed large light and sound equipment, a large crowd of curious onlookers, and a small set whereon there was actual filming happening.

We watched as Mr Tum- I mean, McAvoy sat across from a tragic blond woman over an inert body.  I think he administered CPR.  It was to no avail.  Whoever it was had left this mortal coil.

The woman wailed quite convincingly, begging for help.

We all just stood and watched.  We are horrible people.

 See the big gap?  That’s because a grumpy film set bouncer guy kept pacing back and forth across and glaring at us, holding his finger to his lips if any of us giggled.

Giggling, I suppose would have ruined the effect of the weeping woman.

Afterwards, we tried to get close enough for photos with Mr Tumnus- er, McAvoy, but literally right as it was our turn, we were sent packing by Grumpy Bouncer.

 Hannah and I moved on, but our persistent friends returned later in the day and actually got their photos.  Kudos to them! Well done!

 We paused for a moment, considering homework and Duty to University… and then realized that such a beauteous day was not to be wasted.

So our first stop was the shop where the Sherlock hats were.  Amidst the baffled expressions of the salespeople at the all-men’s clothing shop, we sauntered in and snapped a picture with the hat.

 Clearly, our next stop had to be the Secret Spy Door.

Signs warning of Danger and Keep Out! and locked warehouse style gates further down hint at the mystery beyond the door that leads beneath the city.  A secret code is required to get in.

Or maybe the right knock sequence…

 It was just this sort of day.

So on we ‘rattled’ toward Prince’s Street to do some shopping.  I haven’t actually done any ‘real’ shopping since I’ve been here, aside from Christmas gifts.

 I’ve been on a strict budget to preserve money for important things like castling expeditions.  But since I’ve been so good, it was time to indulge just a little.  So we did.

Mr Tumnus, Sherlock hats, and spy doors.

Blue skies, towers and a castle on the horizon

The air just hinting at future spring.

It was that sort of day.