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On Sunday, I had another headache.  I couldn’t go to church.  I couldn’t even get up until the afternoon.  That, of course, left me feeling glum.

But the weather was astonishingly perfect: warm, sunny, ever so slightly breezy.  It teased me from the window, hinting at the glories of spring.  So as soon as I was feeling a little better, I pulled on some shoes, downloaded a sermon onto my iPad, and took a long, refreshing walk.

Holyrood Park is a default for me (and I’m sure pretty much everyone around here) as a place for a good hike.

A good view of the palace!

Okay, so not all the trees have gotten with the program here.  Spring, silly tree! Spring!

I found a spot to sit and listen and ease the headache away.  Or, so I hoped.

Yes, I went for a hike in Converse.

It’s a good thing the park is so big.  There were innumerable families and runners and tourists wandering these hills.  But there was plenty of room for all of us and I was quite alone in my chosen spot.

The strange, oppressive fog from the day before seemed to be gone, but actually it had just risen and lightened so that you could still see the haze of it far above the city.

I rather like the fact that there are dramatic cliffs… and no railings.  This park kindly suggests that you be careful and use common sense and leave it at that.

You’ll be fine!  It’s just a sheer drop down to distant, rocky ground below.  No worries!

A couple of hours later, I was thoroughly worn out, not much less headachy, and ready to go back home.  It was almost too warm for hiking!  I can’t say I object.  Despite the massive headaches that it brings, spring is very, very welcome!