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I love a long, sunny walk with a camera and some music to keep me company.

I also love friends.  Friends are endlessly entertaining.

We met up at the Elephant House, a popular cafe just off High Street, famed as “The Birthplace of Harry Potter”.  The giant sign claiming this in the window is the cause for constant annoyance to those of us trying to walk down the sidewalk because tourists are constantly posing next to it for pictures.

The funny thing is that it really isn’t the birthplace of Harry Potter.  Rowling just happened to do some writing there at some point or another.

In their defense, the Elephant House has excellent food.

In the large back room, we had a table in a corner where we could enjoy the sunlight filtering in from the windows.  Karen and Lluvia did artistic artsy artwork  type things.  I took pictures.

I was compelled to purchase chai and a croissant.  It was, I have to say, decadent.  I will be coming back here for the chai.  I love chai!

It’s steaming!

We were joined by a very… intense… Hannah.  Don’t worry.  She’s not quite as dangerous as she looks. Not most days, anyway.

Our intent was to make food and watch some Sherlock that evening.  We lingered in the cafe simply because it was a lovely afternoon and a convivial atmosphere.  But eventually, it was time to go purchase ingredients for our delightful repast.

Student elections are going on.  Look who’s on the ballot. Ha… ha ha…

Beautiful flowers on the trees!  I love spring!

We decided to make fajitas.  Karen was craving Mexican and I hadn’t had any since I left the States; though it normally isn’t something I want to eat, I was actually really excited about it and fajitas are my favorite Mexican dish.

Hannah was forced to grate cheese with a vegetable peeler because there was no cheese grater… that we knew of.  We found one later.


The onions claim another victim…

Friends sharing memories… and a strange fixation with birdwatching…

Fajita win!

Karen and Hannah fight for the primary affections of…

…Lluvia!  Who is her favorite?

We will never know…

As we were getting ready to leave, I went to the kitchen to bid farewell to my little Irish friend… and this is how I found her.

All in all, this was a perfect Saturday evening.