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So, pretty much everyone who knows me knows that I am not only searching for dragons, I am searching for the Otherworld, specifically in the form of Narnia, though I’m not picky.  Any magical world will do in a pinch.

I see Narnia everywhere.  I see it when I pass by a lamp post or the statue of a lion or a beautiful castle by the sea.

My Narnia (the Narnia in my head – because, of course, we all have one of those… don’t we?) is not the frozen one that the White Witch rules.  It’s the sunny, warm, alive Narnia that happens when Aslan has risen from the dead and defeated the Witch.  My Narnia is the Golden Age Narnia.

So when I wake up on an April morning with Easter around the corner and see snow falling outside, I am not about to dance around with glee and say, ‘Yay, Narnia, yay!’.  My only thought is: Aslan is not moving fast enough.

This is not my Narnia.

This was the uninspiring view from my window…

I might resign myself  to a White Witch version of Narnia (temporarily, mind you – no hundred year winter for this shivering student) if the snow was actually sticking.  But it’s not.  It’s just every so slightly too warm for the snow to stick.  Instead, it’s blasting around like… well, like Edinburgh is trapped in a snowglobe that some bratty kid just threw down the stairs.

Earlier today, I sat in a cafe with a pot of hot tea and worked on a paper for about three hours.  My seat was at a window, so I got to watch the miserable tourists (who thought that April was a safe time to come tour the city – ha, tourists! ha!) with heads bent against the wind and snow, fighting their way up the street.

Finally, my battery ran low and it was my turn to battle the elements and return to my warm little flat for some toast and hot soup where I have since cast many a dark look out the window.

So, my very important question is this: is Aslan on the move in your part of the world?

(This is Scotland on Sunday - two days ago - when I was sitting outside having a picnic...)

If so, I would very much appreciate it if you told Him that while the sunny, summer weather of two weeks ago was promising, He must not have finished properly and could He please come back?  Soon?

I want this.

Because these April showers are going to pulverize any potential May flowers.  Which would be tragic.