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Today, Joelle and I took the train from Edinburgh to London.

Five hours of watching scenery fly past and trying to catch especially lovely moments with a camera is not a bad way to spend an afternoon.

A mysterious estate in the countryside…

There were a few near mishaps when we switched to the Tube at King’s Cross.  Joelle stepped onto one train, I protested that it was wrong and told her to get off.  She didn’t hear.  The doors shut.  We stared in mute horror.

Then Joelle realized she could push a button and escape before it launched her off and away from me.  Crisis averted!

After stopping in with our hostess, we went back out for a walk down Oxford Street to wander through some shops before dinner.

We were curious to see what Easter commercialization would be on display.  We found this bunny first.  Apparently, I was required to stand next to it and give myself bunny ears (which you cannot see behind my head).

Little side roads are meant to be explored…

Because you might find an elephant!

And then we spotted the Disney Store.

Thornton’s chocolate… it makes you smile…

It was getting late, we were very tired, and food awaited us at the flat.  So now we have dinner, relaxation, and an early night ahead.  Our bus for Dover leaves at 7:30 and we have to be out of here by 6:30.  That goes on the list of things I don’t like about traveling: early mornings!