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Sarianna, Kim, and I arrived in Paris and the gray, rainy weather convinced us that it was not going to be a great first evening.  But everything cleared up by the time we reached our hotel and we went out to see the Eiffel Tower lights in high spirits, despite the cold temperature.

We stopped at a market and bought sandwiches and sweets for dinner and sat on a bench in the chilly park to watch the sun set behind the tower.  Lots of people were out and about taking goofy shots in front of the tower.

Getting successful night shots is my favorite thing to do.  The sky was brilliant and I’ve been trapped under gray clouds for far too long.

No matter how many times I photographed the Eiffel Tower, I still felt like I needed at least one more shot of it from one more angle…

What is it about this tower?  It’s not attractive at all, really.  Is it because the Eiffel Tower has become so iconic?  So synonymous with Paris?  Do we just think it’s beautiful because everyone agrees it is?

All I know is that when those lights came on, I could hear an collective gasp sweep across the crowds behind me as we stood and watched breathlessly for the silent, glittering show to begin.

We agreed that it seemed to be lacking in fireworks and some triumphant, brass-based anthem to make this a truly epic display, but the eerily silent lights that flashed all over the tower kept everyone enthralled.  When they stopped, everyone groaned together and began to make their way back down.

I guess it doesn’t really matter what makes this tower beautiful to us.  It just is.  I haven’t been to Paris in eight years and this was something I missed seeing when I was here: the Eiffel Tower all lit up at night.  It fulfilled every hope I had of it.

Tomorrow, we go up in the tower to see the city from the sky, followed by some good old fashioned touring of the sites.  It’s going to be a good day in Paris.