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Today was a traveling day, not a photography day, so there is not much to show.  There is a decent amount to tell, I suppose.

From 5 this morning until 2 this afternoon, I was going from hotel to metro to bus to airport to metro to hotel.  Needless to say, by the time I reached Hotel #2, I was both thrilled and exhausted.  I also hadn’t had a chance to eat all day.

I met with my two new traveling companions and we decided to investigate the virtue of the Spanish word “siesta” before striking out on any adventures.  It was well needed.

By the time we walked out, the clouds were forming, but it was still nice.

Our choice of an evening’s outing was the Museo del Prado, a large art museum not far from our hotel.  Sadly, no pictures were allowed in this place.  I was too tired to be very resentful.

We saw this guy’s art.  I didn’t like his dark paintings very much.  They disturbed me, which I guess was the point, but I’m a landscapes and pretty portraits kind of art person.

When we left to go find food (before I fainted dead away), it was getting chillier and windier and threatening rain.  So much for warm, sunny Spain.

Food consisted of a selection of tapas, all very delicious, and then we walked back in the lightly splattering rain for a relatively early night so we could get enough sleep.

Tomorrow will be a day in Madrid to walk about and see the sights.  Hopefully, I will have more energy by then.  Sleep first.  Pictures later!