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A bright sunny morning greeted us as we got up for a day in Avila.  Unfortunately, it was still just above freezing, but we were ready for some touring and proceeded undeterred into the cold (okay, maybe there was a little complaining…)

We spent the morning walking along a medieval wall.  It was windy and cold, but absolutely gorgeous.

See the distant snow-capped mountains?  They’re not as distant as you might think.

Storks made their nests at the top of one of the church buildings and we watched them soar gracefully overhead back and forth carrying bits of straw or fluff for their nests.

It was cold and we needed a treat, so when we saw this place, we decided to take a look.

It was fabulous.  We walked up and down and gazed at the shelves and shelves of sweets, trying to decide which one we wanted.  Rachel ended up with a small cake utterly drenched in honey and I chose a chocolate covered croissant.  Yum!

Our main stop was the cathedral that is built into the wall.

Sadly, it was a no picture place once again, but you could sneak one in before you entered the no picture zone, so this is all you get to see.  I bought a postcard because the interior was so beautiful.

We also went and found the church of Saint Teresa.  I couldn’t help thinking that Teresa would not have liked all the pomp and attention being given to her, but it was a pretty building.  Sadly, the museum was closed.

Not long after that, we were hit by this.

Snow was not something we had anticipated, so we escaped into a restaurant for some lunch and an escape from what turned out to be a pretty epic mini-blizzard.  It was nice to be able to watch it from the window instead of fighting through it in our not-warm-enough coats.  (I had also given in and purchased mittens in a shop nearby.  Best decision ever!)

As usual, the food was absolutely delicious, right from the bread and dip appetizer to the two courses and dessert.

When the weather cleared, we went to another nearby church dedicated to Saint Thomas, if I remember correctly.

This one allowed pictures!

We lingered in the church since we still had a couple hours before our bus and were not that motivated to go wandering around the frozen city anymore.  It was a pleasant place to sit.  Organ music played from somewhere nearby and it was silent and still.

We managed to track down our bus amazingly enough and headed off to our next stop: Segovia.  And that’s what today is about.  There is snow on the rooftops, but the sky is now clear and it promises to warm up to nearly bearable temperatures so we are optimistic.  More soon!