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Rachel and I enjoyed a fabulous day in Segovia, complete with Roman aqueducts, cathedral, castle, and lovely walk around the walled city. Rachel’s favorite, by far, was the aqueduct.

We proceeded to the cathedral after breakfast.  It was very cold (as usual), so we would pop into any shop that looked interesting (and warm) and then hike a little further into the city.  The cathedral was a welcome escape from the wind and bits of snow that the sky insisted on spitting at us, despite the weather forecast that predicted sunshine and clear skies.

I was depressed to see yet another sign insisting no photography in the cathedral, but when I went in, I saw pretty much everyone happily clicking away on their cameras.  Some even had the audacity to use a flash.  I was not so daring, but I did take pictures.

Our third major stop was my favorite, as anyone who knows me could have guessed.  Alcazar, the castle in Segovia, is often described as a fairytale castle.  I can’t disagree.  The pointed towers and pale stone make it look just as you might picture a castle in a fantasy tale to appear.

The interior was nicely decorated and very well guarded, I might add.

We opted to climb the tower and see the views from the top, which were spectacular.  As was the wind.

After the castle, lunch and a siesta were in order.  Guidebook in hand, we sought out a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant that the book recommended and proceeded a series of words, gestures, laughter, and pointing to get our food sorted.  We chose to go with the little three course meal that the restaurant offered.  It was lovely from soup to dessert.

Did I mention that we were surrounded by snow-capped mountains?  Beautiful, if a little frustrating for those of us who packed t-shirts and skirts and dreamed of sunshine and warmth…

After our nap, we decided to end the day with a walk on a pathway that winds all the way around the outside of the wall behind the castle.  It was a long walk, but absolutely worth it.

Because we got to see this view of the castle.

By the time we came back inside the walls, the sun was setting and we found a perfect spot to watch a sunset.

Watching a sunset behind a lovely castle is definitely one of my favorite things to do.  It was the perfect way to end a very good day.  Tomorrow, we have a few more sights to see in Segovia before we make our way to Valencia, the Mediterranean, and (I desperately hope) warmth at last.