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I narrated our journey from south to north, but I left out one rather important stop that we made.  If you take the long way around from Portree to Uig, you pass by what is probably the most famous landmark of Skye: the Old Man of Storr.

Even from a distance, it stands out very distinctly on the horizon.  In order to be efficient with our time, we decided to stop there on our way up to Uig and do the climb. It was another gloriously warm and sunny day, which actually made for a hot hike up the hills, but the pictures were sure to be excellent.

Unfortunately, since we had all of our luggage with us and we had (we thought) only two hours before the bus came back around, we went in hurried shifts up the hill and left one behind to guard our precious belongings.  Hannah and I went first.

We got halfway up in what felt like record time.  Hannah was triumphant.

I was just tired.

But the views! theviews!

I was firm in my plans to make it all the way up to see the Old Man, so Hannah went back down to allow Lluvia a chance to climb and I went on ahead.

It was one of those walks where you kept stopping to look behind you and marvel at each new view of the vista spreading out beneath you.  The hills and lochs and forests met the perfect sky and I think my camera nearly died of joy.  But it didn’t, thank goodness.  Once was quite enough.

I made it all the way up to the great jutting stone that they call the Old Man of Storr.  Unfortunately, I was afraid of being late to get back to the bus, so I didn’t make the final trek down to the spot where the really iconic shot can be taken.  It was okay, though.  I couldn’t complain about the views I was getting.

Lluvia made it up to me and we headed back down together, grateful for any moments of shade from the sun.

It turned out that our bus wouldn’t come for some time yet, so I could have gone a bit farther, but stretching out in the grass and relaxing to some fiddling and chatting with some newly formed Canadian acquaintances wasn’t such a bad way to spend the time either.

Next up: dinosaurs!