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The tricky part with traveling around Skye, especially by bus, was figuring out where we wanted to go, where to get off the bus, and what there was to see as we went.  This might have been helpful…

But we’ll never know.

One fine morning in Skye, Hannah and Lluvia and I arose and sallied forth on an expedition unlike any we had yet experienced.  We were hunting for dinosaurs.

Well, they were hunting for dinosaurs.  I knew quite well that it was dragons and not dinosaurs who had made their mark on Scottish soil once upon a time.  But aside from knowing they were somewhere abouts Staffin, we didn’t know what we were looking for.

Okay, Lluvia knew.  Once we were on the bus, she went up and asked the driver, “Excuse me, but how do you get to Dino Bay?”

Far from being baffled by her question, the driver immediately knew what we were talking about and advised us that it wasn’t Staffin we wanted, but a random little coastal area eight miles south of Staffin.  So off we went.

We were dropped off by the friendly bus driver in the middle of absolute nowhere.  But that’s Skye for you.  They are experts in “absolute nowhere” and they always make it look so appealing.

Our driver gave us directions on how to find “Dino Bay” and away we went down the path.  We were delighted to find the plaques with dinosaurs represented and information about their activities when they were here.  Lluvia was especially ecstatic.

But we also wanted to go down to the shore.  “Go down some stairs,” our driver had said.

Stairs.  Ha.

After scrambling down a sheer cliff on a narrow, rocky little path that had no business claiming the lofty status of “stairs” we reached the rocky shore and proceeded to hunt for fossils.

We found none.  But we did find a sheep, which is, you know, close enough.

It was beautiful and wild and empty and a lovely place to spend an afternoon.  A whole afternoon – because the next bus wouldn’t come for us for another four hours.  Oh, Skye, so beautiful and so difficult.

We started back up the stairs, but halfway up determined that it was time for a lunch break.  Where better than perched on the edge of a cliff in Dino Bay?  I mean, where did you have lunch today?

We still had a couple of hours to kill wandering around “absolute nowhere” so we decided to explore a field within view of the bus stop.  We were under the shadow of our good friend, the Old Man, so we found a place to sit.

The sacrificial rock seemed like a good spot.

Killing time (not Hannah – she was fine) results in some very odd activities.

But eventually, our bus came and whisked us away back to Uig for another relaxing evening and, of course, a glorious sunset. And we will always be able to look back and remember the wonders and mysteries of Dino Bay.