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I had to fly back to Edinburgh on Monday evening, but I had the whole morning and early afternoon to finish seeing my new favorite city.I hate having a ticking clock that I have to keep track of for when I need to leave, but I still managed to enjoy the day and not feel too rushed.

My first goal was to visit the Jewish Quarter. The tour went through several rooms with walls covered in names of Jews killed in the Holocaust.  Upper rooms were filled with children’s drawings from art classes.  These kids were part of a segregated culture and it was so sad to see their perspectives portrayed in the drawings. Out back, you could walk through the cemetery. Everyone was quiet; you just couldn’t help it.

Back in the Old Town Square, I headed for the big clock tower for a climb.

What? Take the elevator?  Naaahhhh….

The views from the top emphasize just how gloriously pretty the city is.  All the colors of the buildings are so bright and unique, but the rooftops bring everything together.

The Tyn Cathedral kind of stands out….

Back across the river, I hiked up the hill to see what was at the top.  I discovered some beautiful buildings, plus a monastery with a library for touring.

I love the bendy gate.  I went through it and everything.  It led me back down the hill a ways to St Vitus, which I still had time to tour.  I was doing well!

I don’t think I could ever tire of visiting cathedrals.  In some ways, they are all so similar, but it doesn’t seem to matter.  Each one takes my breath away.

What did not take my breath away was the inside of the castle, but I had been warned that it was anticlimactic.  Still, it is a castle and I love castles, so I toured it.  Someone needs to talk to them about furniture, though.

My ticket also got me inside the pretty red building, St George’s Basilica.  Unfortunately, the nicest bit at the front was being renovated.

This part was pretty, though.

I admit, I was a little slow in connecting the dots.  St George… oh, you mean the St George.  I covered Napoleon’s eyes and got out of there.  Still, a sculpture over one of the doors revealed that it was, in fact, the misguided St George who couldn’t be bothered to let the dragon explain his side of the story first.

Napoleon and I are disappointed.

I had lunch in a pretty cafe with a nice view of the city, but the realization that I had no watch and only a vague idea of what time it was inspired me to hurry back down.  Prague is filled with clocks, so I learned that it was about 4 and my prearranged taxi would arrive at my hotel at promptly 4:40 to take me to the airport.  I thought I had time… for a few more pictures!

It turned out that I did not have time and despite strategic tram use, I was three minutes late to the hotel.  I felt bad.  I hate being late, even a little bit.  But I made it and had a pleasant taxi drive in which to bid farewell to dear Prague before flying away back to Edinburgh.

Edinburgh must have felt like it had something to prove because it welcomed me home with a glorious sunset.  There, there, Edinburgh.  You’re pretty too.

Okay, very pretty.  I do love a good Edinburgh sunset.  And I admit I was glad to finally have a short rest before my next bit of traveling.  Now for some dissertation work…