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I’m back.  It’s strange.  Everything is so familiar, but I haven’t seen it in a year.  Probably, this is nothing special for a lot of people, but I’ve never been gone for so long before.

Life has been chaotic with reacquainting myself with the family home and the family farm and, of course, the family.  There was a new laptop to buy (my old one gave up the ghost upon landing on US soil… rather poetic, I suppose), a new cell phone to set up, church folk to visit, and lots of Mom’s home made meals to consume.

Now I’m heading to Myrtle Beach with Erik and his family for a few days before the big move into my new townhouse.  Relaxation… busy-ness… confusion… but I’m enjoying it all!

At the family farm, I finally had the opportunity to bask in the sun by a pool.  There are some flowering bushes nearby that attract butterflies by the dozens.

Photographing at close quarters is fun, but tricky to get a good clear shot with your average 18-50mm lens.  It was fun trying, though.

The farm is called Skye Ridge.  It doesn’t look like Skye, but it has a Virginia beauty that I have sorely missed.

Good to be home!