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My roommate and I have experienced a wonder.  When we decided to move in together, we wanted to get a cat.  However, we determined that we would not get a cat unless it had a very, very specific appearance.

If you haven’t seen the beautiful animated film The Secret of Kells, you are missing out on an incredible experience.  The film details the mysterious origins of the Book of Kells and includes, as a fun bonus, the Irish cat Pangur Ban.  Pangur Ban is a white cat with one blue eye and one green eye (which indicates magic).  The most beautiful moment in the movie is when the faerie girl Aisling sings to Pangur Ban.

So Rachel and I decided we wanted a Pangur Ban.  That would take a while to find, right?

I was in the pet shop the other day and I saw a pretty little white cat in the adoption center.  It was asleep.

“If only,” I joked, “it had one blue eye and one green eye.”

The lady in the adoption center came out and said, “You know that cat has one blue eye and one green eye.”

We nearly died of shock.  She didn’t quite understand why I was going crazy.  I phoned Rachel and told her the amazing news.  Three days later, Pangur Ban came home with us.

She is the sweetest cat, loving and affectionate and gentle, which is good since we have a rabbit and three hamsters as well.  She is four years old and seems to want nothing more than to lounge about and be pet.

The perfect cat.

She wasn’t bothered by Bella.  Bella pretended not to notice her.

She is clearly magical.  How else would she have heard us calling for her?