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On Saturday, I attended a very festive event.  My big brother, the oldest of us six children, married my new sister-in-law.

I’m still in shock that Dan is married.  See, the Dan that know is a mean kid who used to torment his completely innocent little sister and make her cry just for fun.  That Dan couldn’t possibly convince any decent sort of girl to like him, much less marry him, as far as I am concerned.  And yet, he managed to win the affections of Audrey, who is an excellent person, both nice and intelligent.  All I can say is, it is miraculous how much Dan has changed.

(We actually get along quite well now, just so you know)

The wedding took place at the beautiful Jasmine Plantation near Richmond.  They had professional photographers on site, but I still toted my camera around and snapped shots.  I think I’d really like to be a wedding photographer, but the importance of the job is intimidating.  Get good pictures OR ELSE.  It really would be a shame for the bride and groom not to get the photos they hoped for.  But maybe someday I’ll do some photography for an event and see how it goes.  Here were my sideline attempts at my brother’s wedding. 

The house and grounds are old and beautiful, elegant and simple.  The set up for the wedding did not require a whole lot of frills.  They took advantage of the natural beauty of the place, which I thought was a good move.


While my father is a retired Marine colonel, his oldest, his firstborn son, chose to join the Navy.  If you know anything about the military, you know this is slightly awkward.  Luckily, our father is an understanding sort of person so he only mocks Dan occasionally.

Since Dan is in the Navy, they decided to have a Naval wedding, complete with uniforms and a sword arch.  The sword arch took a bit of practice beforehand.
I wandered up to visit with Audrey and watch the proceedings there.  The old, colonial style bedroom was a flurry of activity.  The gorgeous gown was a grand centerpiece to the room.It was an incredibly hot and humid day, so some pictures before the wedding (while we were all pretty and fresh and the muggy heat had not yet attacked our hair) seemed appropriate.  The mother and sisters of the groom are ready and waiting.

Note to self: arm candy is such a nice addition at a wedding. Erik willingly filled the role on Saturday.

Not everyone was taking the event so seriously…  The littlest of the six is looking very dapper in his suit and bow tie, but he has never been able to resist making a face for the camera.Next to his father in Marine dress uniform, they make quite a picture.  Notice that both have the same dry little smile.

The flower girls peek down between the railings, giggling in excitement.My sister and I were put on program/bubble duty.  We manned our station and prepared for the arrival of the guests.Another brother lead the string quartet and played for the guests as the waited for they ceremony to begin.The bride arrived on her father’s arm…She was handed over (with a few tears) to her groom.The ceremony was not long, but involved a series of talks, prayers, and exchanges that affirmed the love and Christian commitment between the newly married couple.

Sealed, of course, with a kiss (and a dip).  I also love the reverend’s laughing approval in the background.Before they could make their escape down the aisle, Dan and Audrey had to pass through the sword arch, kissing before each set of crossed swords.  Adorable.And then they escaped for a quick ride in a horse drawn carriage before the reception.

Another thing about my brother that I would have sworn to years ago is that he would never ever dance willingly.  He was never that kind of kid.  But Dan has become quite the extrovert in his later years and his first dance with Audrey was quite impressive.

The floor opened up.  Audrey danced with her new father-in-law.  Mom claimed Dan. They cut the cake with a sword.  Of course.

All in all, I have to say, not bad, big brother.  Not bad at all.