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A busy semester of teaching winds to a close… and the one consolation for the cold weather is finally approaching: Christmas!

It's alive!

It’s alive!

My roommate Rachel shares my enthusiasm for decorating, so on Saturday, we had a day dedicated to turning our home into a Christmas wonderland.  Or, you know, something close.

In came the Christmas music and out came the decorations.  Of course, first we needed a tree.

real Christmas tree.

That was a bit of an adventure in itself.  Finding a tree that fit into our cozy living room was tricky, but we found our tree and managed to wrestle it into the house.


And that’s when our docile, timid, sweet little cat Pangur Ban went slightly mental.  Because suddenly the outdoors were coming indoors and her very small, fluffy, white system did not know how to handle it.  For the next couple of hours as we decorated the tree, she was feral.  She stalked us, ran up and down the stairs, pounced on stray ornaments.  For a brief period of time, Pangur was actually almost cat-like.  This was quite an accomplishment for her.

Pangur Ban the magic white cat goes feral

The tree came together beautifully.  I don’t know if I’ve ever done a strictly color-coordinated tree before.  I love it!blue and silver christmas tree

pangur investigatesWe were quite innovative with our tree.  A bit of fuzzy blue ribbon wrapped around it and some shiny blue material around the base instead of one of those super expensive tree skirts, and our tree was complete.


But we had more!  A miniature tree and some bits of greenery joined the living room’s general appearance of Christmas festivity.  And finally, we had a beautiful nativity scene made by Rachel’s sister to complete the look.christmas penguinsglass nativityGlass nativityglass camel nativity

Well, naturally, such Christmas festivity demanded tacky, embarrassing Christmas photos.  You know the kind – the ones that you do all in your power to eradicate later in life, but somehow keep showing up?  Yep, here they are!tacky christmas shot


Bella, the Grinch of Bunnies, was forcibly brought into the photo, along with the feral cat, who was just starting to calm down.  She still didn’t understand why Outside was Inside.




With the help of Erik, who was promptly converted into an elf, we soon had plenty of memorable photographs.

Perhaps a little too memorable.

christmas photo fail

Now all we need to do is bake every single Christmas goody known to humanity and Christmas will be ours!christmas joySo, the important question of the day: what is the absolute best of Christmas treats?  What can we not go without?  Do tell!