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These past weeks have been a bit of a baking frenzy.  And a crocheting frenzy.  And a general, all around Christmas frenzy.  But mostly a baking frenzy.  I baked.  I baked a lot.

There was one day in which Rachel and I baked truffles…all day.  It was fun and truffles make a lovely, personal gift that is sure to impress.pumpkin pie truffleshomemade trufflesmaking trufflesMaking truffles is time consuming, as we discovered.  Just dipping the darn things takes more time than you’d think.  And it probably didn’t help that we, in our extreme Christmas-y ambition, decided to make eight different kinds.

s'more truffles

Yes.  Eight. There were the s’more truffles, the pumpkin pie truffles, the peppermint and cayenne pepper truffles, the earl grey truffles, the cookie dough and peanut butter oreo truffles, and the chocolate cherry truffles.  We did a lot of truffles.

pumpkin pie truffles

Now for a truffle montage…

cayenne pepper truffles

Pumpkin pie truffles have a pumpkin/cream cheese filling.  We dipped them in white chocolate and sprinkled nutmeg on top.




The cayenne chocolate truffles have, of course, a bit of cayenne in the chocolate.  A little red hot candy and some red sprinkles seemed appropriate for the decoration.

cookie dough trufflesdipping trufflesCookie dough truffles are one of my favorites because they give me an excuse to eat cookie dough… dipped in chocolate.  Yeah.

We packaged them in little boxes. box of homemade truffles Unfortunately, there were leftovers that just had to be eaten…  They looked so good all together on the plate, it was almost a crime to eat them.


Moving on, I spent a day baking cookies as well.  You can’t have Christmas without proper Christmas cookies, after all.  I admit that I was a bit overzealous there, as well.  We made about as many cookies as we made truffles.  Maybe more.

chocolate nutter butter snowmennutter butter snowmen

Nutter Butter cookies dipped in white chocolate make excellent snowmen.  And abominable snowmen, as Erik discovered.

There was gingerbread, of course.

decorated gingerbread

And ninjabread, which is even better!

ninjabread cookies

I discovered my new favorite way for decorating cookies.  Pipe a bit of thicker icing around the edge and then fill in with the thinner icing (a mixture of powdered sugar, milk, corn syrup, and vanilla which hardens and looks shiny!)

It works for sugar cookies, too…

cookie decoratingDSC_0175DSC_0167

sugar cookie snowmanI may have overdone it…


But look at the results!  And it was so much fun!


Oh, I did shortbread too.  With jam!


And there were those cupcakes… but those were from another day.

peppermint chocolate cupcakes

Anyway, the cookies got boxed up as well and distributed to friends and family.  In the end, I think I pretty much satisfied my need to bake for a while.


A very short while. Considering the fact that I received a multiplicity of baking tools for Christmas, I suspect I will be baking again very, very soon.