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The last three months have been busy.  Like really  busy.  The kind of busy that makes you laugh that hysterical little laugh when you think about how much you have to do and then strongly consider hiding under your bed with your stuffed dragon until summer.  That kind of busy.

In order to keep from achieving the hide-under-bed-with-dragon level of hysteria, I have, as usual, been baking.  I bake a lot.  I bake obsessively.  I bake zealously.  And then I have to figure out what to do with everything that I’ve baked.  Fortunately, there are usually people around to consume the piles of things that I end up baking.  On the other hand, my roommate bakes too.  So that sort of compound the problem.  What to do when there are two obsessive bakers in the same house?

Well, one obvious solution is to find reasons to feed large amounts of baked goods to large numbers of people.  That seems simple enough!  Weddings, birthday parties, and baby showers abound and what do party goers need more than baked goods?  Nothing, I tell you!

raspberry white chocolate birthday cake with raspberry lemon fillingOne of the adventures that I experienced with my roommate was making a wedding cake and cupcakes.  A tiered cake, no less.  That was a new experience for both of us.  While I had done extensive research, I had never actually made the tiers happen.  But we made it work!

DSC_0066There’s lemon and raspberry filling in there!white layer cake wedding cakepiping the wedding caketwo tier wedding cakeI manned the cupcakes, as I so often do.

green wedding cupcakesDSC_0070



There is nothing quite as soothing as piping frosting on a cupcake.  And there is nothing nearly so rewarding as baking treats and watching people enjoy them.

Our next enterprise was a birthday party for a friend.  The theme was Harry Potter and it was very fun, even for someone like me who is not a huge Harry Potter fan.Harry Potter Party TableThe cupcakes were butterbeer flavored, which tastes like butterscotch (no beer required).  Some new labels on root beer and cream soda bottles, wands, chocolate frogs, cottage pie, and various HP paraphernalia completed the table.

Needless to say, my favorite part was piping frosting on those cupcakes!

harry potter lightning bolt cupcake harry potter cupcakes golden snitch cupcake harry potter glasses butterbeer cupcakesIt seems like I always find myself applying frosting to cakes and cupcakes, even when I had no intention of doing so.  On a random afternoon visiting my family, we decided that we absolutely must make cupcakes.  I don’t know quite know how we came to this decision, but there it was.


For some inexplicable reason, I allowed friends and family to contribute to decorating the cupcakes.  That turned out to be a mistake.

ugly cupcakesAesthetics, people!  It was painful.  I learned that if I wanted something done prettily, I had best do it myself.

My latest baking project included, once again, extensive cupcake baking.  Pangur BanMy roommate’s birthday party required festivities and so I planned a semi-surprise party.  A semi-surprise party involves the celebrated individual knowing the where and the when but nothing more.  So I planned her a Settlers of Catan party since she and I and many of our friends are fans of the game.  A Settlers party requires Settlers cupcakes, of course.

There were sheep cupcakes with grass and little pearls for sheep.
settlers of catan cupcake sheep
settlers of catan cupcake woodsettlers of catan cupcake wheatsettlers of catan cupcake oresettlers of catan cupcake brick

There were wheat and wood cupcakes.  The wood ones gave me the most trouble since I didn’t see any great ideas online that I liked so I came up with these.

















Ore cupcakes with Oreos! Get it?  I know!  And brick cupcakes that look like, well, bricks.

I also did the ocean.  The one on the right is my first try and it looks kind of like blue brains.  The one on the left looks almost braided, but I liked the effect better than brains.settlers of catan cupcake ocean

And, of course, we can’t forget the desert!

settlers of catan cupcake desertPut them all together…settlers of catan cupcake boardI also did themed food, because it was just too much fun.  I got the amazing labels and many of the ideas from this lady’s blog, in case you were wondering.

catan party wood theme catan party sheep catan party brick catan party ocean catan party wheat themeAnd the roommate’s face when she saw it all.  Worth it?  I think so!

DSC_0033For a final touch, we played Settlers of Catan on a crocheted board.  When did I find the time to make that?  Don’t ask.  I de-stress in funny ways.

settlers of catan crocheted board