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Before I left for Scotland, one of the things that I did (with no small amount of glee) was sell my beast of a large, old, white car (named Moby for reasons that were very obvious).  That was nearly two years ago. Having survived ten months without a car since I’ve been back in the States has been a feat.  It has meant careful planning of all my errand running trips and lots of long days trapped at home.

What does one do when trapped at home?  Well, the most obvious thing to do is to make home the most magical and wonderful place possible, so that being trapped there is not such a bad thing.

Over the past few months, I’ve done quite a few projects, some crafty and some edible. First, there was my desk (one of the crafty projects, not an edible one, in case you weren’t sure)

It is technically a child’s desk, small and simple, but very useful in the small rooms I’ve often had.  I have used it as an end table and storage more than as a desk, but at this house, I finally got tired of its color and childish appearance.  So I made Erik do something about it.  I did help. A little.

It went from this:

photo (1)

To this:cherry desk

Just this past week, Erik and I finally found the time to purchase me some shelves for Erik to put up above the desk.  My room has a sort of theme.  That is, all the pictures are photographs from my travels last year.  I wanted to keep up with that, and also to showcase two very beautiful old cameras, one from the 40’s and one from the 60’s, property of my grandfather and my father respectively.  They are a true treasure for someone who has come to love photography as much as I have.

The effect pleases my book and picture loving soul.DSC_0010

I have also been working on quite a few crocheting projects these past few weeks.  Several friends have been obliging enough to get pregnant, which of course means that they require baby blankets.  Here are two of them.  The third has not been presented, so I don’t want to reveal it just yet.crochet baby girl blanket Pangur Ban’s face in this one is just post-sneeze.  Excellent candid shot of our cat.

crochet baby girl blanket flower square crochet baby girl blanket crochet baby boy blanket popcorn square crochet baby boy blanket

A little boy’s baby shower needed a cake and cookie pops.  So those happened.

teapot cookie pops baby boy baby shower cake green blue yellow baby boy shower cake green blue yellow tea party baby shower

I also have taken up lotion and scrub making.  Because for someone with a very under developed sense of smell, baking and lotion making are such sensible hobbies.

homemade lotion and sugar scrub

It remains to be seen whether getting a car (possibly next week) changes my levels of productivity as I am given the ability to go gallivanting off anywhere I please at any time.  I rather hope not.  And just in case, I think I will crochet some more.  Right now.