Who is Napoleon the Dragon?

I have a certain fondness for dragons in general, but Napoleon, the pocket dragon is a special one.  He was given to me by the boyfriend for Christmas and I immediately determined that he would become a traveling and photography companion.

Napoleon harbors grand plans in his cunning little soul to rule the world one day.  Like his historical namesake, he dreams of a vast empire.  He also does not seem to understand you when you explain things like ‘This castle belongs to someone else’ or ‘France probably wouldn’t follow you in a revolt against its current leader’ or ‘Maybe you need a slightly smaller hat.’

I take Nap on photoshoots and give him chances to look impressive.  It always makes him happy when he gets to pose in front of something big and important.

Keep an eye out for Nap in my posts as I travel.  He shows up in odd places and he always likes to be noticed.


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