Operation Wedding: All the Things I Probably Shouldn’t Do


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There are lots of things to do for this wedding.  So many things to do.  I have to find a photographer who will take beautiful pictures, but who won’t blow my entire budget doing so.  I have to figure out centerpieces.  I have to order tablecloths.  I have to plan everything.

It’s fun.  Still fun.  So so fun… really.

But there is so much to do.

This makes it astonishing, I suppose, that I still found the time to uncover so many things that I shouldn’t do at this wedding.  Pinterest has become incredibly useful for finding ideas and inspiring pictures, but sometimes it offers some pretty strange suggestions as well.  And some of them find their way onto my wedding board, even though they are things I wouldn’t actually do.  Well, things that I might not do.  Some of them are awfully tempting though.

Feel free to guess which ones I’m halfway serious about.

Ten Things Melissa Shouldn’t Do In Her Wedding:

  1. Make her fiancé dye his hair turquoise to match… well… everything, actually.  Let’s think about this for a minute, though.  The girls are all colorful and pretty and the guys get one flower they wear on their suit.  They need more color.  This seems like a good way to do it.  Plus, look how happy this guy is.  Clearly, it’s a win.turquoise mohawk wedding
  2. Alternatively, a turquoise suit!  So dashing.  So fabulous.turquoise suit wedding
  3. Sebastian the hedgehog would make a superb ring pillow.  The rings would stick on the spikes.  Now, who could we get to carry him… Anyone?  Anyone?hedgie hedgehog sleep
  4. Ride a small pony bedecked in flowers down the aisle.  Because pony!wedding flower pony
  5. Panic and run away.  Apparently that’s a thing. And if I was already astride a magnificent little pony, I could make a fabulous Runaway Bride escape.runaway bride
  6. Register at a pet store.  Get more fuzzy animals and no one could say anything about it!  Well, they could, the bride would not care at all.   Especially if I received a corgi in a suit.wedding groom corgi
  7. Wear this dress.  So stylish.  So flowy.  Who could resist? (It doubles as a nightgown, which is super efficient!)awful wedding dress
  8. Go with a cool dragon theme!  I already have a slightly Celtic-inclined wedding theme, so a Welsh flag dress could fit right in.  Everyone would remember this wedding. And who doesn’t love dragons?welsh flag dragon wedding dress
  9. Moss bunnies.  Because they’re bunnies made of moss.  I don’t really think this needs more explanation.moss bunnies
  10. Install a ball pit at the reception.  People would actually have fun at the wedding!  And I somehow imagine that there would be more adults than kids making use of it…

wedding ball pit

So let’s close our eyes and picture what this wedding would look like.  Just for a moment.  It would be interesting, certainly.  Memorable, definitely.

But maybe I should get back to planning the actual wedding…