Operation Wedding: My Shoes Are Squishy


One month from now, I will be walking down the aisle.  I will be the picture of grace and elegance – my dress sparkling, my hair curled, and my shoes squishy.

One of the most important things I have realized that I want for our wedding is comfort.  Being comfortable is at least as important to me as looking pretty.  This is why we are going to be celebrating our mid-July nuptials indoors and why there will be mac ‘n cheese in the dinner buffet and music that will not reach migraine-inducing decibels at any point in the evening.  I like being comfortable.

Okay, so my dress may not be the most comfy piece of clothing I’ve ever worn, and I will probably feel like my scalp is being slowly reshaped by its stylish do, and I will likely need a couple of days to work the happy wedding smile off my face.

But my shoes are squishy.

I knew pretty much from the start that I wasn’t going to wear heels.  Yes, heels are beautiful.  Wedding shoes are often sparkling, silver, strappy bits of material all mounted on two or three inches of very skinny heel and they are gorgeous.  I can wear heels, but they are not my friends.  Have you ever fallen off your own heel?  It’s not pretty. I am going to have enough trouble appearing graceful and mature on my wedding day.  I don’t also need to be worrying about falling off of my shoes.  Considering the fact that I am only just now recovering from half a dozen blisters courtesy of a new pair of heels I bought for my cousin’s wedding (which I wore a grand total of twenty minutes before resorting to my flip flops and limping the rest of the evening), I know that I want to be comfortable on my wedding day.

My wedding shoes are ballet flats.  They are teal.  They are soft.  And they are blissfully squishy on the inside.  All else may be sore and tired by the end of the day, but I am quite sure that my feet will be fine.